Wickles Pickles Potatoe Salad

relish-5004 lbs. Red Potatoes
(washed and cut into ½ inch cubes) 
6 0z Sweet Wickles Relish 
1 Medium White Onion finely chopped
4 Hard boiled eggs 
1 Cup Mayonnaise 
2 T Fresh Dill 
2 T Yellow Mustard 
1½ t Salt 
1 t Black Pepper 
2 t Worcestershire Sauce

1) Cover Red Potatoes with salted water in large pot and cook until tender.2) Combine all other ingredients and blend with fork until mixed thoroughly.3) Set in refrigerator until cool and flavors meld.

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One Response to Wickles Pickles Potatoe Salad

  1. Jon Buckner says:

    awesome damn pickles they are ba and I have told everyone about them

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